Parts List: 

Commissioned by: 
Johnathan W
Johnathan wanted a PC that could write spreadsheets by day, and VR game by night. The PC parts were custom selected by Johnathan himself (with some help from us) and put into the case of his choice (Silvertstone Fortress FT03S). You may have noticed that there is no graphics card installed yet, this is because Johnathan is holding out to the Australian Release of the Nvidia GTX1080 to fully enjoy the VR experience with the latest and greatest hardware available. Not only did Johnathan want this computer to smash the FPS of the latest games, he also wanted it almost silent so during the day it doesn't distract him from his work, to cater to this requirement a low profile Noctua NH-L12 CPU cooler was chosen. This runs almost silently and keeps the CPU nice a frosty. (Lets face it though, the temptation for Johnathan to game while working will always be there).