Dragon Ball-Z & Digimon

Mega Sale on our Digimon and Dragon Ball-Z card-game series, with prices dropped by up to 44% !!!

The holidays are coming, set yours up with excitement and fun, and bond over some friendly (or competitive) holiday fun that will surely create a moment to be remembered. Our Digimon and DragonBall-Z starter series are designed for beginners and those new to the Dragon ball-Z / Digimon universe, a broad collection of cards ranging from common, uncommon, rares, to super rares.  We have provided a collection of our featured starter deck series below, get collecting now and Assemble the greatest almighty fighters to dominate the arena. 

Our Digimon Card Series include:

  • Series 06 starter deck 08 Ulforce Veedramon (Include Royal Knights) [link]
  • Series 06 deck 07 Gallantmon (Include Royal Knight) [link]
  • Series 04 Starter deck 04 Giga Green  (Featuring specialized evolution tactics like Absorb Evolution) [link]
  • Series 04 Starter Deck 06 Venomous violet [link]

Our DragonBall-Z Card Series include:

  • Dragon Ball Super TCG UW1 Unison Warrior Booster Box (2nd Edition)  [link]
  • Dragon Ball Super TCG UW2 Vermilion Bloodline Booster Box (2nd Edition) [link]
  • Series 8 starter deck - 10 malicious Machinations Parasitic Overload [link]
  • Series 14 UW5 starter deck - Darkness Reborn  [link]
  • Series 14 UW5 starter deck - Pride of the Saiyans  [link]

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