Lord Of The Rings: Uruk-hai Siege Assault Ballista

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The Uruk-hai army that besieged Helm’s Deep was no mere rabble, but a well-ordered host with weapons and wargear devised by the White Wizard himself. Assault Ballistae were wheeled into position to fire massive bolts, easily twice the length of a man, over the battlements, behind which were dragged heavy ropes that enabled siege ladders to be effortlessly raised. Of course, a weapon of such power is equally useful if aimed at the enemy, where the bolt can cut through ranks of warriors or fell an Ent with a single hit.

This boxed set contains an Uruk-hai Siege Assault Ballista and 3 Uruk-hai crew. These models are resin cast miniatures, supplied as 19 separate components, and come with three 25mm round bases.

SKU 99811499001
Brand Games Workshop

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