Pre-ordering from us means that while we do not have the stock in hand at the time you placed the order, normally we can secure it (within 1 week) in the weekly order day on Mondays with typical shipments occurring on Wednesday / Thursdays of the week unless a specific ETA was provided on the item eg new releases. It means if you pre-order from us on the weekend and this item is in-stock with our supplier eg Games Workshop, we will be able to secure your stock by Wednesdays / Thursdays in the following week at our warehouse for dispatching.


Due to Covid19 - Games Workshop may have limited stock of some items from time to time. We have no way of knowing until all items has been shipped to us – so additional delays for some orders can happen. We may contact you for partial shipments if this was the case. 


We endeavour to provide the fastest turnaround shipping – so we are actively trying to stock up majority of Warhammer items. For in-stock items, the typical dispatch timeframe is within 24 hours.


PCMarket Team