Just in case you’ve been lost in the warp for the last few weeks and have missed the news (and you must have been hiding in a canyon on Mars to miss this…), there’s a new edition of Warhammer 40,000on the way. When it arrives, there is going to be something for every type of gamer, whether you prefer narrative gaming, tournaments or everything in between. Today, we’re taking a look at the must-haves from the first day of the new edition, and let you know just how soon you can get your hands on all of it.


If you actually have been lost in the warp, make sure that you get all caught up by watching the awesome trailerfor Warhammer 40,000.* The new edition is going to explode onto the scene with Indomitus – the best boxed set we’ve ever produced, and you’ll be able to order your very own on… [drum roll]… 

JULY 11th!

There will be a two-week pre-order window and Indomitus and friends will hit shelves on July 25th.



That’s not long at all! Indomitus is the flagship of the new edition, and what an amazing way to celebrate. If you want a reminder of just how very full of Warhammer 40,000 goodness this box is, take a look back at our unboxing article. Copies are available while stocks last, so be sure to secure yours early – they won’t be around forever.

Wait… did we say ‘Indomitus and friends’ up there? That’s right! Indomitus isn’t launching the whole edition by itself, there’s plenty more to be excited about, whether you prefer open, narrative or matched play, so let’s take a look. 

First up, we have a new type of Chapter Approved. This revered tome is evolving into the essential yearly update for all competitive players, and it’s actually two books! 


The Grand Tournament 2020 Mission pack is … well, packed with new missions, alongside guidance for running and playing in tournaments, special Secondary Objectives, and loads more. It’s even got a special binding to make it extra friendly to the tabletop setting. The second book is the Munitorum Field Manual, which holds a full list of updated points for Warhammer 40,000 units. With their powers combined, the new Chapter Approved will have you on the cutting edge of Warhammer 40,000 competitive gaming.

But launch day isn’t just for matched play. Narrative players, we’d like to introduce you to the Crusade Journal.


This army and campaign tracker is a great way to celebrate the fantastic new Crusade system, and we could not be more excited to get started. This book is going to allow any budding warlord or conqueror to log all their glorious victories (and also the glorious non-victories) and let you easily follow the journey of your Crusade force as it grows from a simple patrol into a mighty war host conquering the galaxy. Get ready to write your war stories and be sure to order your Crusade Journal on Day 1 (which, in case you missed it earlier, is July 11th).

Fans of open play will have their own reason to celebrate with these new Open War cards. 

These allow you to quickly and easily generate a mission by randomly choosing a deployment, objective and twist for your battle. There are also ways of evening up games where there is a difference in Power Levels between players so they work great for spontaneous pickup games. With thousands of different combinations, these cards will keep you busy for a good long while without ever repeating a game (unless you want to).

Okay, so we’ve seen all of the awesome stuff that is going to be available at launch, and we know that there are completists out there who are eagerly anticipating everything! The good news is that you don’t have to wait long – Indomitus, Chapter Approved, the Crusade Journal and the Open War cards will all be available to pre-order from the 11th of July. Then, they will all be in-store from the 25th of July.