Warhammer Dominion of Sigmar: Penumbral Stormvault

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The enlightening treasures of Hysh were recast in the forges of the smith-god Grungni, and thus were created the Penumbral Engines – arcane devices of obfuscation that cloud the mind and mask the darkest of secrets.

An eye-catching piece for any terrain collection, the Penumbral Stormvault is the perfect addition to your battlefields. As well as helping you theme your battles to the worlds of the Mortal Realms, it’s great for adding some tactical depth for your battles, blocking line of sight and giving you some high ground to battle over! A free downloadable warscroll gives this terrain piece its own rules, in this case acting as either as an orrery of obfuscation or orrery of illumination for the duration of the game.

Dominion of Sigmar kit is designed to be highly modular and compatible with the rest of the Dominion of Sigmar range. You can build yours out the box with the instructions and use it in-game with the free downloadable warscroll or, alternatively, you can unleash your creativity and build sprawling temples and scattered ruins of your own creation. 

This kit is supplied in 52 plastic components.

SKU 99120299058
Brand Games Workshop

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