Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Khorne Bloodbound Garrek’s Reavers

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Chaos reigns. The mortal realms are sundered, corrupted by howling, blood-mad beasts; it is a time of morbid horror and absolute madness. The murderous champions of the Chaos Gods fight furiously to extinguish the last lights of hope, and none fight harder, or command more fear than the savage hordes of Khorne’s Bloodbound. Daubed with the Blood God’s rune, muscular beyond belief and foaming with rage, these warriors descend upon their enemies screaming and leave nothing alive. 

Designed to be as easy as possible to assemble for new hobbyists while being detailed enough for the hardiest veteran to appreciate, this is a set of 5 Easy To Build Khorne Bloodbound. Push-fit, with no glue required, these are incredibly straightforward to put together. 

In this kit you’ll find 5 Khorne Bloodbound, led by Garrek Gorebeard: 

- Garrek Gorebeard is armed with a fearsome blooddrinker axe;
- Karsus the Chained is armed with a chained axe;
- Blooded Saek is armed with a meatripper axe;
- Targor and Arnulf are both armed with reaver blades. 

This kit comes as 18 push-fit components, and is supplied with 5 sculpted 32mm round bases. A warscroll containing rules for fielding these miniatures as a unit in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is included.

SKU 99120201068
Brand Games Workshop

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