Update on Warhammer orders

By: Johnathan   On: 20 April 2020 

Update 26/05/20

Our warehouse have began receiving stock from Games Workshop from Monday last week and we are currently processing an extremely large volume of customer's backorders. We have processed most of March / April back-orders and will be finishing the remaining this week. We will began processing this month's orders from this week too. 


If you have ordered from March / April and you have not receive a tracking number from us this week - please contact us next week and we will prioritise your order.


There are some items that are in extremely high demand, but limited stock provided by GW. So we may contact you to get your permission on partial order shipment - so that you can enjoy the rest of the items as soon as possible.


We at PCMarket would like to thank you all again for your patience and support.



Hope everyone is doing well in this extraordinary situation that has impacted everyone around the world. We wanted to give an update to those who have bought or planning to purchase Games Workshop goods from PCMarket. Our team have been busy shipping out what we have in-stock at our showroom for Games Workshop goods over the past few weeks. We understand some orders were partially fulfilled while some of you would need to wait. We were originally counting on the date that Games Workshop have given to us – that they will be re-opening on the 14th of April as we replenish our stock directly from them for our warehouses in Australia. 


Unfortunately, this date has been pushed back and over the past week, we have pro-actively been in contact with Games Workshop management to get an update on the re-opening date, this is particularly considering the Covid19 situation in Australia is getting better. 


Rest assured, your orders with us are important and we will be shipping out your goods with priority as soon as Games Workshop is back in the game. (UPDATE: 22/04/20 - Games Workshop informed us today that they are returning on 4th of May and we get stock from their Sydney warehouse (not UK)) LATEST UPDATE: 07/05/20 - We will received our stock from Games Workshop (actually arrived in our warehouse on 18/05/20) and currently working around the clock to process your orders with us. You will be in front of the queue for both stock reservation (there will be a global shortage) and shipping.


10% off on all orders / pre-orders will be extended and if you have any enquiry or wish to refund your order – it’s recommended to submit your enquiry through https://www.pcmarket.com.au/form/contact-us/ as we are currently receiving high volume of calls.


Take care.