3D printer setup

Box contents: 

1 × SD card

1 × SD card adapter

1 × Power brick

1 × Power cable

1 × Nuts and bolt

1 × CR-8 3D printer

1 × Filament holder (3 pieces)

Step 1: Remove attachments and the printing board from the printer; remove the tape/plastic strips, then rotate the metal rod behind in a clockwise direction. Release the clips and remove then board.

Step 2: Peel off the protective yellow tape. If no yellow tape is present, skip this step.

Step 3: Apply blue masking tape to the printing board and trim it to ensure no tape is on the underside.

Step 4: Fix the board onto the heatbed with the included bulldog clips

Step 5: Plug the power cable into the printer and the wall socket and turn it on by pressing the silver button on the side.

Step 6: Prepare the printer for levelling as shown below: 

Step 7: Mount the filament roll on the filament roll holder.

Step 8: Insert the filament into printer as shown

Step 9: Using the dial, select Preheat PLA under the prepare option in the menu UI


Step 10: Navigate through the SD card menu to print your selected file


To stop/pause your print, follow the video below